Careers in Genetics

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1. genetics

Genes are the hereditary units transferred among generations and they are a key factor in defining someone’s eye color, hair color, face structure, hereditary diseases, etc. The field of genetics is rising and there are a lot of job opportunities. To unveil the secrets of genes we need sophisticated techniques and a good knowledge about science, biology and other related fields.

Genes as mentioned earlier are the key factors in how we look. For this reason, the field of genetics is part of every other field, starting from gene examination to detect hereditary diseases to the dietologist that prescribes the diet that suits us based on genes.  As a geneticist you could work in:

  • Hospitals;
  • Military;
  • Forensic departments;
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical industries;
  • Research institutes, etc.

The field of genetics has to offer a lot in terms of job opportunities. Therefore, if you ever decide to pursue your studies in this field, here are some of the jobs that you can work in the future.

  • Cytogeneticist: a cytogeneticist prepares biological specimens such as blood for chromosome analysis.
  • Crime Investigation Geneticist: This kind of geneticist analyzes blood samples of a crime scene and runs a search of the DNA into the DNA police system to get a match.
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist: technologists perform chemical, biological, hematological, immunological, microscopic and bacteriological tests, as well as develop new test methods.
  • Clinical Geneticist: They are geneticists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.
  • Genetic Counsellor: Their duties include counseling regarding genetic diseases that are hereditary and informs clients regarding their symptoms.
  • Research Geneticist:  This type of geneticist is mainly focused on the inherited characteristics of humans, animals, and plants. The gathered data is used as a source of knowledge in the development of new products.
  • Plant Breeder / Geneticist: They use their advanced genetics expertise to improve characteristics of plants to better resist diseases.
  • Genetics Teacher:  They teach students about genetics and broaden their horizon on this field.

If you ever decide to involve yourself in the field of genetics, you will have various opportunities and a chance to advance yourself professionally. You will have to take into consideration that this field is mostly research based, therefore most of your time will be spent in laboratories. If you are patient, curious about science and intrigued by the impact that genes have in your daily life, then this might happen to be your perfect career path.