How social media can help boost your career?

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1. social media

In today’s world, social media is a key factor in everyone’s life because it is the main tool being used to inform people and to communicate. Almost every moment of an individual’s life is posted on social media, playing a key role in everybody’s life. Apart from informing people and communicating, they can be used for boosting your career as well. Social media can positively boost your career in different ways that are mentioned below:

  • Building up your professional network

You’d be surprised to learn that socializing and building relationships go a long way when it comes to your career. Professional networks help you get noticed and land into different opportunities. Building up a professional network will help you get hired easily. Many people from your professional network will let you know regarding different job opportunities. Here are some of the social media that can help build your professional network:


LinkedIn is the biggest professional network that students can benefit from it as well. This platform helps to connect and engage with peers and professionals. It also helps discover internship and summer school opportunities.


Facebook is being used for different reasons and thus it makes it the most used platform.  You can build up your professional network by being part of different groups where you can engage with them by sharing ideas and thoughts. You will be informed about different events that are happening in these groups.


With twitter, you can stay up to date with the trends, developments and interesting ideas in your professional field. You can follow different conversations and posts in a specific field, and you can engage with those post with comments.

  • Developing your skills

When it comes to career advancement, your GPA is not important as much as your skill set. Thus, you need to take an effort to advance them. Skills can range from soft skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, creativity to more technical skills such as Photoshop, Java or Microsoft Office.

Social media should be called a treasure trove for all educational things because it can boost your skill set. One of these platforms is YouTube that you can access videos and learn about programming languages such as Python or about different software programs such as Microsoft Office. You can also subscribe to channels. If you need more info about a video, you can comment, and the publisher will likely reach to you and reply.

Other platforms that will help to boost your skillset are Coursera, Khan Academy, Lynda, etc. These platforms offer online courses.

  • Making informed career choices

A great career starts with making the right choice. To choose the right career, you will need some guidance. Thus, it is important to learn about different career options before deciding. The best platform for exhaustive information on careers is LinkedIn.

Another platform where you can find information on professions is Busulla.COM. Through this platform, you can get informed about school options, the required skill set for a job, the average salary, activities, requirements and work tools, etc.

The main purpose of social media is to keep you up to date regarding new trends and events. You can start to follow different pages about a specific job field and news channels to get properly informed. Thus, you will get new information about your career choice and different opportunities to advance yourself in that career.