The importance of internships to high school students

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Thinking that internship is only for university students is wrong. Internships encourage students to start their journey towards knowledge, which helps them in achieving their goals. School life generally “isolates” students in a protective environment and as a result they lack exposure to the outside and professional world. But, sometimes building a professional life starts from the school itself. An internship serves as a platform to develop skills, to make the right career choice, to experience the professional world etc.

Some ways how a student can benefit from an internship are mentioned below:

  • Become friends with professionals from different fields

High school students usually are surrounded only by family, friends, and teachers. An internship will give you the opportunity to become friends with professionals in certain areas, that can help you in career orientation. Such people have knowledge about the labor market and can give you valuable information and advice.

  • Get professional feedback

Sometimes feedback can force you to cope with aspects you never thought or mistakes you did not know you did. Feedback can be a suggestion from professionals and can help you on your journey to success. People that have worked in their industry for a very long time know how it works and can help you to do the work better and correct if you’re following a wrong path.

  • Improve your skills  

As a high school student, your skills aren’t that developed due to the lack of professional guidance, therefore internship offers you opportunities to improve your skills and develop a versatile personality. The knowledge gained from internship helps to create your personality, to communicate better, to write in an academic way and to gain skills needed for your future career.

  • Explore your career opportunities

During high school, you can feel unsure about your career decision. An internship helps you explore different career paths. One of the greater benefits of the internship is that you can experience what career can offer you in real life and based on this you can be able to decide about your future.

  • Enrich your CV

A CV contains your achievements, personality, and features that a person should have to get accepted in school or college. Having experience at an early age will give you an advantage during the college or job admission process. Also, it shows that you took initiative to gain specific skills of that occupation and this increases the likelihood of being accepted to the college you want.

  • Get inspired by successful people

Finding examples of successful people inspires and motivates you to climb the stairs of success. In your inner circle, you do not really encounter such people. Therefore, an internship helps to diversify your circle and increase the probability to find people who can inspire you.

  • Gain self-confidence

Nowadays, labor market searches for people that are prepared to face the world and accept different challenges. Such people must be able to accept their shortcomings and accept every opportunity that is given to them. This self-confidence is tested during interviews, in crisis situations, but also in everyday situations. Therefore, you should start building your self-confidence in high school and internship would be a great help in this regard. Gaining such a work experience will boost your confidence as you will be exposed to a completely new world and your skills will be tested in the real world.


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