Factors that influence career choices

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1.peer pressure

The society plays an important role in the personal and professional life of a person. Since your childhood, most of your decisions were affected by the society you were living in. One of the choices that gets affected as well by family and society is your career choice. Here are some of the influencing factors in choosing your career path:

  • Your skills;
  • The personality and curiosity;
  • The role you wish to have;
  • Previous experiences;
  • Culture;
  • Gender;
  • Social and economic conditions;
  • Childhood fantasies;
  • Society and family; etc.

These are only some of the influencing factors on career choices. The most important one is the one mentioned below:

  • Family Influence

Since you were a kid, you had your parent’s influence on the choices you made. They were the first ones to give you ideas and opinions regarding work.  Parents are responsible for your emotional advancement. There is a slight chance that you would feel the pressure from the traditions of the family to keep working in the same field that your family did. Throughout your whole life, parents were the main people pushing you in school, sport or any job you had.

  • Teachers

Teachers are the second most important group of people that have an influence on kids. They are the one who instructs you what’s right and wrong in life. It is interesting that many students give higher importance to the teacher’s suggestion rather the one given from their parents.

  • Media

The media is a powerful tool in influencing how other people perceive the world. The information gathered from media influence your future. It should be mentioned that movies and tv shows play a big role in giving you an impression about a job.

What are the consequences of these influencing factors?

There are consequences to letting society influence your career choices. These consequences appear when your career decision is solely based on peer pressure.

  • Difficulty in adapting to the field

Choosing your career path while being influenced by the factors mentioned above, the chosen field won’t be challenging for you. It will be almost impossible to focus and to understand the field that you are studying. You will start to lose interest in that field after some time and you might consider leaving your studies.

  • Low self-esteem

The incompetence and inability to meet the criteria set by your studies will lower your self-esteem. You might start to doubt yourself and the fear of failure will increase. There is a high probability that you’ll start to be more stressed.

  • Low level of work competence

Even if you start trying to improve yourself so you would be more competent in the field you are studying, there is a high probability that you will not feel professionally fulfilled and it will have an impact on your personal life.

  • Work and career dissatisfaction

You will have to take into consideration that if you are not feeling happy while working, you might start to get tired. For instance, when an introvert person must have different daily meetings.

How to avoid peer pressure?

There are ways how to avoid peer pressure and some of them are mentioned below. Following the suggestions below, you will have a chance in choosing your dream career.

  • Have a positive attitude

The first step in trying to minimize the influence of the factors mentioned above is to focus on the positive side. Believe that you can choose the right job. Don’t expect others advise but make the right decision based on your knowledge and opinion.

  • Base your career choice on good information

When you are trying to avoid peer pressure, you must have your own opinion about a career. Therefore, you should have enough knowledge for the opportunities offered to you and base them in true and reasonable information. Try to get information about every job and the benefits that come with it.

  • Make questions

It doesn’t mean that the influence of society will always be negative. Try to ask questions to people for the choices you are interested in. Don’t forget to verify every answer you get.

  • Focus on your skills and intentions

Focus in advancing your skills that are necessary to achieve your goals. Advance your skills through finding and working on your weaknesses, so that you will be competent in executing your task.

  • Seek support from the right people

It can be stressed to handle everything by yourself and it is normal to seek help, but it should come from the right people. Career advisors are the right people to help you with your career choice while avoiding peer pressure. You should also have a conversation with your parent where you explain to them what worries you and they might really be the key people in helping you find out your future career. The main thing to keep in mind is that you must verify every information you get from other people.






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