What to do when you realize you’re in the wrong career?

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3. wrong career

Realizing that you are in the wrong career might be really hard to overcome and there are some consequences such as unhappiness, depression, scared to start something new, etc.

The typical reactions include panic attacks, depression, and demotivation. After 4 or more years studies, you realize that you are in the wrong career. This is overwhelming, especially for the ones who are sensitive to overcome these kinds of situations. You have to realize that is not the end of your career.

Below you will find some advice that will help you realize what to avoid in order to work in a job that you want:

  • Jumping to the worst-case scenario

You just realized that you are happy with your job. You don’t want to work in an office and you always count the minutes left to 16:00. Your first thought might be that is time to make a radical change in your career.

Take a step back. Take some time to figure out if it’s truly your career that you don’t enjoy or simply your current job environment.  Maybe you like the basic tasks of your job, but the team and the office manager are creating a work environment that does not fit you. Therefore, try to come up with the real reason for your unhappiness. If your unhappiness comes from the work environment, then it is time to start looking for a new workplace. But if you really need for a career change, you should start thinking about it too.

  • Major discouragement

 Deciding to change career can be completely overwhelming. It feels like everything you have done until this point, your years of education, professional development, promotions and late nights were a waste of time.

But what you should do is to keep yourself up. Remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with changing your job, but it is quite normal. There are only a few people who have a perfectly linear career path. Your initiative to change and better your career should be considered as a big step forward.

  • Resignation that you’ll have to start from the bottom

Your first reaction after realizing that you will have a new occupation is that you’ll have to go back to school. But that is not necessarily true.

First, you should start to identify your transferable skills. Deciding to start a new career doesn’t mean that you should start over from the beginning again. There must be something that you liked from your previous work. While keeping that mind, try to look for a similar job that offers you happiness.

The general themes in these reactions are fear, uncertainty, and doubt. But deciding that you’re ready to switch careers should instead incite a reaction of excitement, because this may be your opportunity to find a career you absolutely love.