How to apply for the scholarship program "Young Cell Scheme"?

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8. scholarship

The main goal of the “Young Cell Scheme” (YCS) scholarship program is to contribute to building and functionalizing a class of non-political and professional civil servant at all levels of institutions in Kosovo. Through this scholarship program, the Public Administration of Kosovo aims to improve professional capacities of the civil servants to better serve the citizens of Kosovo and to confront challenges and obligations arising from the Stabilization and Association Agreement. This program aims to strengthen the Public Administration of Kosovo ensuring that administrative gaps in the Kosovo government have been addressed by offering specialized higher education opportunities for Kosovo youth in EU countries. After graduating in universities across EU, students integrate within government structures, based on their education and for the purpose of building a modern public administration system that meets the requirements of EU integration processes.

Scholarship winners of this program will have the opportunity to study in all European universities, however, they should comply with budget limits in program selection as set out in the rule’s manual, which is accessible online through the following link:

Except for the full scholarship, the students will gain monthly payments (12 months) during the studies, depending on the location. On average, the monthly amount of these payments is 1400 euros, while all other expenses are covered by the program (for example travel, visa, application, standardized tests etc.)

Candidate selection is done in three phases:

  • Technical phase;
  • Written test;
  • The interview and presentation.

Technical phase

At this stage, only documents submitted in advance for the application are checked. Applicants will be verified for their English language knowledge if they are at the end of the Bachelor level of studies, and their academic outcomes.

Necessary documents for this phase are:

  • The completed application must be in the English language;
  • A motivation letter;
  • A CV in Europass format;
  • Copy of identification documents (passport, ID);
  • The university diploma or grade transcript.

Following the publication of the first results, candidates are invited for the second selection phase that is "Written Test".

Written test

The candidates submit the following written tests in the English language:

  • Listening;
  • Reading;
  • Grammar.

The English language test is not included in the final selection, but it is necessary to achieve 65% of it so that the candidates are considered for the selection.

  • Logical problems with numbers and sentences;
  • Logical problems with numbers;
  • Logical problems with sentences.

The Verbal and Numerical Reasoning test consists of 40 questions and constitutes 30% of the total score for the final decision.

  • EU knowledge test

YSC provides a handbook that provides the information needed for this test. You can find the handbook in their official web page This category contains 80 questions and the test is evaluated with 20% of the final score.

Only a certain group of candidates is invited to the final phase that is the interview and the presentation.

The interview and presentation

At this stage, the candidates are evaluated based on the three following categories:

  • The presentation

The candidates must present one relevant topic to the field they plan to study. The presentation takes 5-6 minutes and it is estimated with 20% of the final score.

  • The interview

The interview questions have to do with the presentation, the field of study and the candidate’s motivation to contribute to the institutions of Kosovo.

  • The CV and motivational letter

The motivational letter and CV are evaluated before the interview and have 10% of the final score. The content of your CV and motivational letter can be one of the discussion topics during the interview.

For more detailed information related to the selection and application process, please visit the official web page of the Young Cell Scheme

The next application is expected to be held at the end of 2018!