Occupations in the computer games industry

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9. computer games

The computer games industry is developing really fast as the number of users of these games has reached record numbers. This rapid development offers different employment opportunities for those who like computer games. The computer games industry consists of 2.3 billion users worth $ 100 billion worldwide.

Obviously, involvement in this field must begin since childhood. Your interest in this field and creating games since childhood, helps you master your skills on time. So, start attending coding and game creation courses, so you can gain the skills needed.

Another step is the pursuit of university studies in the Department of Computer Science, where you can get the skills and knowledge needed to be a game creator. For more information on the departments offered in Kosovo, you can find them on Busulla.COM through the following link: https://busulla.com/school_finder

The computer games industry represents a wide field, and you have to be determined in a sphere where you feel more skilled. After finishing your Bachelor studies, you have the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Kosovo or abroad in order to advance your skills. The average salary in this industry varies depending on your role, but based on the statistics, this industry offers the highest salaries for the youth.

Below, you can find listed some occupations that include creating computer games:

  • Game designer

As a game designer, you will be the architect of the games, where your job consists of planning and defining the game elements. You will define the parameters, rules, characters, and tools needed for the game. Game designers imagine the concept of the game and then realize it with the help of the software developers, animators, and voice designers.

  • Narrative designer

A story without a good narrative is useless. Narrative designers work together with the game designers to add a good content the narrative of the game. Your responsibilities are to build the game narrative and the purpose that the main character wants to achieve in the game.

  • Game animator

Game animators give physical structure to the characters, objects, and the environment of the game. They give details about the skin color of the characters, road structures, or the placement of the shadow based on the sun position. Also, the way a character walks, runs, or dances.

  • Audio designer

Audio designers create and adjust the voice and noise that exists in a game. They make the game look real by adding noise to every action, such as running, walking, or gunshots. Every game has its genre, and based on that, these designers match the voice and noise that shows in the game.

  • Game developers

Game developers are those who give life to the games and make it possible that all that works. Together with the aforementioned people, they write the right code, so the game matches the anticipated design. Game development is a hard process and requires a big developers’ team, who deal with transforming an idea into the game.

  • Game tester

Being paid because you play games all day is the dream of every game fan. The task of the game testers is simply to play games, using different ways, through which they find mistakes that should be corrected. They evaluate the quality and attractiveness of the game before it goes on sale.

  • Game journalist

Journalists or critics are the key for improvement to every industry. They give thoughts and critics on different games. To be a game journalist you have to be passionate about games and have good writing skills.