Occupations in the artificial intelligence field

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Artificial intelligence is a computer sciences field that deals with the creation of machines which perform duties that correlate with people’s intelligence like learning, analyzing, and problem-solving. So, machines that are created can perform human functions based on learning and experience. In the artificial intelligence aspect, the experts from all over the world are worried about the occupations’ automatization, thus they think that robots will replace the man. However, a research from Gartner reports that the artificial intelligence is an emerging field that until the year 2020 will create 2.8 million jobs. Therefore, there is a great demand for artificial intelligence capabilities in most industries.

Before listing the occupations in this field, below you can find some ways on how to qualify for a job in the artificial intelligence field. In addition to the basic skills and the proper education, in the following paragraph, you have the suggestions you need to follow in order to increase the probability to work in this field.

  • Search for online courses

Besides the right education, you should take initiative to be better informed in this field through online resources. You have the opportunity to find many online courses, which will teach you about this field and you can be rewarded with a certificate after completing the course.

  • Join outside organizations

Learning through execution of work into practice will help you to gain the necessary knowledge for this field. Through your involvement in such organizations, you will have the chance to test yourself if you are skilled for the job and what kind of knowledge you need.

  • Read, so you can update your knowledge

Many experts suggest that people who work in this field should always be learning something new. To learn in a continuous way, you should read different books, articles, and to research about this field. Knowing that this field is emerging, you have to keep yourself updated with news and new researches about artificial intelligence, So, subscribe to science magazines, and read every research this field.

Below you can find some occupations that link-up with artificial intelligence, which can be great opportunities for you.

Machine Learning Engineer

One of the most required jobs in this field is this occupation, whereas a criterion is the possession of good software skills. Also, you need to know the methodology for software development and the necessary tools for software development. The criteria you need are:

  • Master’s degree. It is preferred a Ph.D. in computer sciences or mathematics;
  • Knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java, Scala etc.;
  • Communication and analytic skills.

Robotic scientist

Robots are able to finish some certain tasks, but they need to be programmed in order to work perfectly. Robotic science is used in different fields such as space discovery, health system, and increased security in other fields. Your job as a robotic scientist is to create robots, that will complete tasks with the command given by man. Some of the skills that you will need are coding computer programs, cooperation with other scientists, and prototype development. The criteria you need are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer or mechanical engineering;
  • Advanced skills in mathematics, physical sciences, and human sciences.

Data scientist

Data scientist deal with the gathering, analyzing, and interpreting of large data, using analytical methods and the machine learning program to gain in-depth knowledge. Your expertise is required in using the platforms for data aggregation and management, and knowledge in programming languages. The criteria you need are:

  • Master’s or Doctorate degree;
  • Knowledge of programming languages

Business intelligence developer

This occupation is in high demand. The main job of the occupation is analyzing complex data, market research, and market trends. Through this, you achieve a great profit and high efficiency for the company you will be working on. You need to be skilled in communication and problem-solving, but to also have analytic skills. You will be responsible to create and sustain complex data in platforms based on cloud. The criteria you need are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, engineering or any other relatable field.