The importance of parent-teacher meetings

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Parent-teacher meetings have a key role in the child’s education. These meetings usually happen to discuss the child's learning and progress, and they happen once or twice a year. They can be long or short, depending on the discussion.

Parent-teacher meetings are a great opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, to show their strengths and children’s needs and to work with the teacher in order to help children to achieve success in school. These meetings can be held with only the teacher and a child’s parents, or you can take your child, but also with the teacher and all pupils’ parents. Both sides, like parents and teachers, play an important role and do not replace each other but rather reinforce each other's role.

Below you can find some advice for parents on how to take advantage of these meetings.

  • Several days or weeks before you attend the meetings, watch your child’s activity in homework. Review them and every project, quiz, report that they may have.
  • Ask your child if he/she has a question or a case that would like to discuss with the teacher.
  • During the meeting, take a sheet with you to take notes.
  • Tell the teacher things about your child, like interests, strengths, favorite subjects etc. This will help the teacher to know the pupil better.
  • Write down some questions you want to ask the teacher. You can ask if your child is meeting the expectations  of the learning level (but do not ask the comparison with other pupils), if your child is successful in exams, what strengths has the teacher identified, to arrange regular meetings if the child has difficulties in learning, for work habits individually and in groups, how is the child friendship with other pupils etc.

It is important that parents attend every meeting because it is an opportunity to improve your child’s learning habits and to make sure that the roles of teacher, pupil, and parent are clear and created in that way to help the child to be the best self.

Keep in mind that teachers have a lot of pupils that require attention, therefore meetings are important to teachers as well in order to remember the requirements of your child.


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