How to motivate your children to learn?

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10. motivation

Motivated children have more opportunities to excel in school and have a positive attitude toward learning, so parents often feel like they have a responsibility to their child’s future. As a result, they try to motivate their children in different ways, but they don’t always have a result. Sometimes the effort to motivate and push the children to learn can be really challenging.

Below you can read some pieces of advice on how to motivate your child:

  • Talk to your child

In order to motivate your child to excel in work or school, it is important to look from the children’s perspective and understand their interests and skills. For example, you can ask what’s his/her favorite subject at school, and why does he/she like exactly that?

One-on-one talks with your kid are crucial for tapping into a child's intrinsic motivation, says Dr. Deci. Children are naturally curious and inviting them to understand why something makes sense may appeal to their intellect.

  • Encourage them to read

Spend time reading with your children or make a reading time during the day together with your family. If you fill your house with novels, newspapers, school books, you show your child how important is reading.

  • Work together

Together with your child, you can sit and learn or help him/her to make a learning plan. Organize and split in deadlines the homework, exams, and other extracurricular activities.
Overall create a learning space in your house, that your child may use for homework.  This space will enforce the importance of the school and children will see that you take school very seriously. Make the space comfortable and away from distractions like television, computer, smartphone etc.

  • Express appreciation

When your child fulfills a goal, tell him/her that you are very proud. "Kids want to please their parents," says Dr. Kennedy-Moore. "That sense of connection is powerfully motivating."

Start motivating your child with words that express gratitude for them, encourage them to feel good about their achievements regardless of whether they are small or big ones.

  • Have a positive attitude toward school

Children take adult attitudes to the world around them and reflect those attitudes. If you value school and see it as something essential for life and development, chances are that your child will think the same as you. Instead of telling your children how they “must” attend school, show them that school is an opportunity to learn interesting things.

In addition to the advice mentioned above, you can help your children in these aspects: set goals, make plans, show interest, have a positive attitude, be a role model, show enthusiasm for the child’s interests, create a learning routine etc.


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