Teacher's role in child's education

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Teachers play a very important role in the life of pupils. Apart from educating them, they take care of the atmosphere in class, create a warm environment, guide and push them forward, become role models and are always ready to listen to the problems and concerns they may have.

Some of the main teacher’s roles are mentioned below:

  • Give knowledge

The most common role a teacher can play is to give knowledge to the pupils. Teachers are given a curriculum by the Ministry of Education to be attended throughout the school year and in compliance with state guidelines. This curriculum is followed by the teacher so that throughout the year all relevant knowledge is disseminated or conveyed to the student. Teaching is done in many ways, including lectures, small group activities, and practice learning.

  • Being the third parent

The teacher’s role is more than planning and lecturing a class. Since they spend too much time with their pupils, you can say that they become like a third parent to them. They can be a positive role model to the children.

  • Create a warm environment

Pupils usually imitate the teacher’s actions, for example, if the teacher creates a happy and warm environment, chances are that pupils are happy too. If the pupils notice that their teacher is angry, they will react in a negative way, which will reflect in their behavior and may be a disadvantage.

  • Be a role model

Even if the teachers do not see themselves as role models, they intentionally or unintentionally become one. This happens because pupils spend a lot of time with their teachers and this can be of a positive or negative effect, depending on the teacher. They usually are respected by the whole community and for this reason, they become a role model to pupils and parents.

  • Guide pupils

Guiding and advising is a natural role for the teachers, whether it is done intentionally or not. Guiding children is a way to motivate them to be their best selves. Also, giving them space to express freely, they will gain confidence, and this helps them to be more successful.

Nowadays, the teachers’ occupation has bigger responsibilities that include the improvement of education. They usually have to:

  • Work with politicians, colleagues, and community members to decide on clear and achievable standards for their pupils;
  • Participate in decision-making that helps address problems affecting learning;
  • Guide and train new teachers to prepare them on how to teach the today’s youth.