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15. digitalization professions

The era that we are living now has offered us a better life. Technology had the biggest impact on this. The new technology is always changing our lives in new levels.  This is the new strategy that boosts our lives and is considered as the good side of technology. The negative side of this is the influence that technology is having in different occupations.

Experts foresee that there is a higher chance of replacing some occupation in the following two decades. Many occupations that today are necessary will be transformed into mechanical processes handled by technological equipment.

Automation of jobs has many benefits such as increasing productivity but the main side effect is that many occupations will cease to exist in the following decades.

One thing for sure is that machines can make the work environment more effect by automating mechanical processes but humans will always play a key role in it. There are some occupations related to creative and negotiation skills or taking care of other people that are not endangered by the automation of jobs.

Which occupations are endangered by the automation of jobs?

  • Intermediaries;
  • Tax preparers;
  • Cargo agents;
  • Title examiners, abstractors, and searches;
  • Watch repairers;
  • Mathematical technicians;
  • Telemarketers;
  • Library technicians;
  • Insurance agencies;
  • Data entry employees.

 However, there are some occupations that are less endangered by the automation of jobs because the human force is irreplaceable.

Which occupations are least endangered by the automation of jobs?

  • Sports trainers;
  • IT Analysts;
  • Emergency management directors;
  • Teachers;
  • Health-related occupations such as therapeutics, psychologists, nurses, etc.;
  • Archeologists;
  • Choreographs;
  • Fashion designers;
  • Anthropologists.

It should be mentioned that there will be many new occupations with the development of technology. It might be possible that there will be more new occupations compared to the extinguished ones. Today, many occupations connect us with technology and making the technology as our only way of executing a task.