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Work experience is known as the experience gained while working in a specific field. This term is also used for volunteer working that students do in order to gain practical work-related knowledge. One thing for sure is that employers are hiring more people who already have some kind of work experience.

Why work experience is important?

Young people have more success rate to get hired if they have some kind of work experience.

If you already know which your career will be, the work experience is your best way to find out for the opportunities available to you. Work experience shows passion and interest. Showing your employer that you are equipped with previous work experiences, it shows that you are committed. This will help you identify your abilities and find out the future occupation that will suit you.

Below you will find some work experience opportunities:

  • Volunteer work

Volunteering is done for a lot of reasons. Some students and graduates want to give their contribution to society, and some others want to gain the necessary abilities needed for their future occupation and enrichen their CVs.

  • Internship

Internships are programs offered by different companies in order to give some work experience to the interns. This will make it possible for an intern to work in a professional environment and to advance his/her skills. Many times, internships are used as a probation time to evaluate the interns and give them an opportunity to earn a permanent job at the company.

Open Calls for interns get published in different work-related websites or social networks. The documents required to apply usually are the CV and the cover letter. If you’ll be shortlisted, they will call you for an interview.

  • Part-time job

Work experience does not always mean a formal and structured program. Every job that pupils or students do it such as a waiter, a bartender will help them advance their transferable skills.

Part-time jobs are offered during the summer season or during festivities when there is a lot of tourists visiting different cities.

The benefits of work experience

The abilities learned through different work experiences are the abilities that every employer seeks in their employee. One of the best ways to prove the abilities learned such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, planning, organization, self-management is through work experience.

One thing for sure is that every work experience will help you create a professional network, as well as meeting professional people working in the same work field as you. You should keep in mind that a good work experience will result in a good recommendation.

Work experience will make you competitive in the labor market because most of the employers take into consideration your previous work experience. Having work experience might be just enough for the company to recruit you and offer a permanent job.