FINCA is an American Financial Institution operating in Eurasia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, serving over 1.7 million clients, announces: VACANCY CENTRALIZED CREDIT UNDERWRITING UNIT MANAGER Head Office - Pristina RESPONSIBILITIES:

· Is responsible for the approval of credits which are in his/her approval authority;

 · Coordinates the work of his or her subordinates so that the processes are carried out in the most timely manner;

 · She/he makes the planning and coordination of field visits both for itself and for other members of the unit

· He/she is responsible for respecting the policies and procedures of the institution related to the area of credit approvals

 · Is responsible for approving credit cases that meet the FINCA Kosovo conditions and criterias

 · Coordinates monitoring and regular functioning of credit approval systems within FINCA Kosovo;

 · Sh/he needs to have knowledge and skills in compiling or modifying relevant procedures

 · Reports to his/her Supervisor in performing the affairs of the unit on a regular basis

 · Cooperates closely with branch managers regarding the review of credit cases

· Is responsible for quality of loan approvals that fall under his/her unit

 · Coordinates work with other departments for the smooth running of operations

 · Is responsible for respecting of all internal procedures of FINCA Kosovo

 · Initiates and manages projects that aim to increase the efficiancy of the institution SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS

: • To possess a university degree in Economics, Finance or Business Administration;

• Must have a high communication skills - both spoken and written

• An exellent knowledge of English - both spoken and written

• High organizational Skills – Fullfills accurately, qualitatively and timely work tasks

 • A candidate needs to have at least 2 years of experience in credit approvals

 • Preliminary experience at the Head Office (Business Department or Risk) is an advantage Please fill in the application online at the web site: or send CV and motivation letter to the e-mail address: The title should state the position of the job and the place. Applications submitted in other forms are not considered. Only selected candidates will be contacted. The application deadline is until 17/09/2018. FINCA Kosovo offers equal employment opportunities.


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