Under the supervision of the Senior/Deputy Facility Manager, the Building Engineer Supervisor leads a team of skilled tradespersons responsible for maintaining all of the New Embassy Compound / New Consulate Compound (NEC/NCC) operating systems.  Included among these are the Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Building Automation System (BAS), Chiller Plant, Air Handling Units, VAV System, Potable Water, Sanitary Sewage, Storm Sewage, Oil Water Separator Systems, Fuel Delivery, Distribution, and Fuel Monitoring Systems, and the Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems; Electrical Power Generation and Distribution Systems; Voltage Regulators; Transformers; Switchgear; Panel boards, Automatic Transfer Switches; Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors and controllers; and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems. Aditional responsibilities include supervision of the custodial and grounds maintenance staff, and overseeing an aggressive recycling and energy conservation program. The incumbent is responsible for managing an aggressive preventative maintenance program using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as oil analysis, equipment vibration monitoring and analysis, bearing temperature monitoring and analysis, and other analytical tools to extend the life of critical equipment and systems, and to assist in scheduling outages for preventive maintenance, major overhauls, or replacement.  The incumbent will oversee maintenance and repair work throughout the NEC/NCC on critical and non-critical elements within the functional/office buildings, on-compound ancillary support and residential buildings, above and below ground infrastructures, and other owned/leased properties, keeping all critical and non-critical equipment operational, areas clean and free of trash, debris and clutter accumulation, fully functional, safe and secure, and presentable to the local community and Host Government. Work assignments will be directed by the Senior/Deputy Facility Manager.  The incumbent will assist in the supervision of the Facility Management Locally Employed (LE) Staff from all trade disciplines. The incumbent will analyze written and verbal work order requests for maintenance services, and ascertain all of the necessary information to determine whether the work is of a routine, immediate, or emergency nature and prioritize each day’s tasks.  The incumbent will ensure all work order requests are entered in the CMMS program, inspect ongoing and completed tasks for code compliance, and ensure tradespersons document labor and materials accurately on completed work orders before they are returned to the Work Order Clerk for closeout.  The incumbent will assist in LE Staff weekly training exercises including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), ladder safety, and lock-out/tag-out procedures.


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