Overall Purpose of Post

The intern will support the Committee for Oversight of Public Finance (COPF) in Parliament to fulfil their mandate more strongly by providing technical support to the support unit of the COPF.

The intern will be located in the Assembly, where 70% of time he/she will focus on assisting the Support Unit of the COPF to provide all necessary documents for the Members of Committee (Rapporteurs), while 30% of time he/she will assist the GIZ project in order to support joint activities with this committee.

Task and Responsibilities:

  • Gaining an insight into the day-to-day work of the organizational unit to which they are assigned;
  • Taking part in discussions and meetings;
  • Becoming familiar with the administrative regulations and rules of a collaborative organization;
  • Dealing with issues related to the organizational unit’s specific tasks and – as far as possible – resolve them autonomously with direction and support from a mentor.
Description of individual tasks:

  • Supporting unit of COPF to prepare the materials needed for the committee meetings such as: agenda of the meeting, summary of the documents which need to be reviewed in the meeting, invite the participants from relevant ministries who should report based on the invitation etc;
  • Supporting the Rapporteurs to gather the information needed for the meetings;
  • Organising preparatory meetings with auditors and Rapporteurs and supporting rapporteurs to address relevant questions;
  • Taking notes during the meetings and incorporating them into the minutes of the meetings;
  • Supporting the representative of GIZ to implement the rapporteur system and any other changes in approach or policy in order to strengthen the COPF to fulfil their mandate more strongly.
Interested candidates are invited to submit their electronic copy application in English language consisting of a letter of motivation, CV, references, etc. to application.kosovo@giz.de




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