Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Project Officer will execute duties and responsibilities outlined below:

  1. Support the overall implementation of the ALMP2 projects,
  2. Support implementation of activities related to enhancement of human resource capacities of Public Employment Services and Vocational Training Centres,
  3. Coordinate the project results and develop first draft reports for project manager,
  4. In close coordination with the project team, identify strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of the Operations Guidelines for On the Job Training and Wage Subsidy,
  5. Provide support to the Employment Counsellors and related partners on implementation of the Operational Guidelines for active employment measures,
  6. Ensure provision of equal opportunities to women and men, and inclusion of other vulnerable groups such as minorities, women households, victims of domestic violence, repatriated persons in Kosovo etc.,
  7. Review reimbursement requests and monitor disbursement of payments to implementation partners,
  8. Be responsible for the field monitoring in the assigned Regions by the Project Manager to carry out implementation of AMLP2,
  9. Ensure effective integration of activity related information in the project database,
  10. Regularly review implementation of the related project activities in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses; utilize the data collected to increase the project efficiency,
  11. Provide support to the short-term technical experts in delivering outputs specified in their TORs,
  12. Support the Employment Services to make necessary updates to the Operations Manual in annual basis, as needed and in a timely manner.


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