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If you want to learn which fields of study are offered in the high schools of specific region, which colleges’ or universities’ programs are accredited, compare them and make an academic decision by critical thinking, you can achieve this by exploiting the Schools/College component. Learn more

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Career tests

The decision about the type of profession represents one of the most important decisions in life. The first step in the career orientation process is self-awareness, which is achieved through career interests, abilities, values and learning preferences questionnaires. Learn more

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Basic Check®

Basic Check is a neutral evaluation of students' skills. The one’s self-perceived abilities during the self-administered questionnaire may not correspond with reality. Therefore, for a more effective career guidance and counseling, the “Basic Check” test for potential evaluation is planned to be used for all the pupils. Learn more

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Busulla.COM offers effective and attractive opportunities for exploring different professions. Busulla.COM has occupations’ descriptions, comprising of typical working day responsibilities, occupations’ specifics, average salary, occupations’ demands, career advancement opportunities and the academic path for that occupation. Learn more

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Jobs and practices

“One stop shop” for students and companies. Students and pupils can use this portal's component to search businesses that offer jobs and internships and professional trainings in the working place. At the same time, businesses can use these space to publish open vacancies. Those who are looking for practices can create their online portfolio and specify their preferences. Learn more

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Busulla.COM connects career counselors and pupils, who will be assisted in different questions that they may have regarding the career and occupations. Learn more

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Available as iOS and Android App.

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